Love Deluxe

by Electric Love Machine

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Electric Love Machine's sophomore album 'Love Deluxe' is considered a genre buster and uniquely weaves elements of Rock, Metal, Electronic, Pop, Fusion, Funk, soaring guitar, and cerebral vocals into a high energy listening experience


released April 20, 2017

All songs written and preformed by Electric Love Machine
Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Baltimore, Maryland at Harbour Red Studios by Kenny Kingsborough
Album art by Nate Gonzalez with Moon Life Clothing
Released through Moon Life Records in California.



all rights reserved


Electric Love Machine Baltimore, Maryland

Electric Love Machine is a Baltimore based quartet that combines Electronica, Dance, Rock, Soul, and Funk into an incomparable, high energy live music experience.
Their sophomore album 'Love Deluxe' is being released on 4/20/17

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Track Name: Crushing Time
Out in the cosmic swirling expanse
All is in motion as far as I see
Try to capture time, as it chases rhyme
Staying on track and feeling the beat

The wind is howling, the spirit’s alive
Throughout the lucid dreaming sky
In the darkest night, there is a light that shines
A mirror reflecting a ghost from beyond

In the season of the sun
Stay in the moment, don’t you run
A blip on the radar, aloft in a quasar
A mirror reflecting a ghost from beyond

Dancing shadows on the wall
Dissipate before the squall
Didn’t it snow the other day?
Time is a crushing melody
Track Name: Visions
Universal beings and we’re traveling by car
The vision is clear by progress made so far
Colors flashing by and I feel the spark
The city ahead illuminates the dark

Climbing up the walls under sacred skies
Upside down in motion when the light hits your eyes
Geometric beams chasing shadows of doubt
All we have to do is dream and live it out

Time is on the mind, and you try to break it down
Deconstruct the rhymes as you’re rolling into town
Spirits collide; maybe you and I
Will we survive the disarray tonight?
Track Name: Love Deluxe
When you walk in the room, my heart skips a beat
Reaching for my glass I take a little sip yeah
Trippin’ over my shoes like some kinda fool
I’m not much of a dancer, how bout you?

All lit up like a diamond mine
On the floor is where you really shine
You’re controlling the beat, feeling the heat
You make the picture so..

Before you know it’s time to roll again
You pull me in with a tractor beam
Your neon waves bring me to ecstasy

You’re reaching into my soul again
making me hot when I’m cold again
We’re symbiotic in harmony
Track Name: Tomorrow Knows
I feel the wind blowing east across the mountains
it breaks the silence
I’m feeling free

Atomic flowers in the skyline transport my mind
to another time
like the 70s

Navigate ruins together and see what we find
We’re doing just fine
Living off the land

Tilling the earth are the farmers way off in the field
how much do they yield?
and for how much longer?

Scorching the forests and building their corporate shrine
The farmer’s confined
To a tiny place

Fly in my winged machine and check out my apartment
A see-through compartment
Floating out in space
Track Name: Looper
Turn me round again watch the circuits bend
Light me up now please don’t let me down
Im spinning like a wheel smile from ear to ear
Digitizing tapes from reel

Twisting, turning, Soul is burning

Spirit of a hymn unraveling my limbs
Summer falls in love like every day
Color, light, and sound exploding all around
Converging into shapes that whirl away

Twisting, turning, Loving, Learning
Track Name: Oceans
Drifting and dreaming
Satellites beaming
We are afloat in a sea of stars
What is the past?
What is the future?
And do we want to see that far?

This is a cosmic
Sonic rebellion
We’re the defenders of space and time
Shadows grow longer
As you grow taller
We have a mountain to climb

Your electric eye
Opens up my mind
You let me see
What I fail to see alone
Your heart and mind
Work together all the time
Feels like going home

Are we only dust?
Does compassion rust
On this lonely traveling stone?
If the universe expands
Then why not our minds?
We’re only divided by the oceans
Track Name: Trillsville
Track Name: Ghost In the Mirror
Budding like the branches on the breeze
Twisting like roots of outstretching trees
There’s just not enough time in the day
to get to our destination
The sun is beating down
And we’re thirsty for the rain

You and me we are in this together
Efforts all combine into one
Weaving through this broken land together
Realize you’re part of the equation
Depth of Energy
Track Name: Gemini
Another dream
To dive into
Revolution happening all around
Imagination is floating in a cloud

You can live
The live you love
Unlocking secrets
Breathing life
Into the darkness
Until it's bright
Track Name: Dance In the Light
We move around
Trying to find the sound
Looking for the answers
Looking for the truth

Light up the dark
To see the world around us
Spiraling and changing
Beating like your heart

So turn it on
Feels so right
Dance in the light
Feels so right, feels so right
Dance in the light

Spend all my time
Eyes on the horizon
Legs pumping underneath
Always under siege

Just like the ocean
Constantly in motion
Senses enthralled
Up against it all
Track Name: Goodbye
In the wild outside
On a wavelength so high
This mosaic maze
Can go a million ways
You are everything
And you inspire me to sing

About Love

I will not follow like the sheep
Yet I’m jumping fences to sleep
Plunge into the abyss where
The symphony is in high gear
The phantom melodies resolve
Into a pool of heartache songs
Reach beyond to see their eyes
Vanity can tell you lies

About Love

As the planets revolve
Don’t let your heart dissolve
Track Name: Binary Soul
I fade away into the blue
I’m traveling next to you

We waltz in color
For the world to see
A lullaby of creativity

An endless night is all we have to share
Spinning through the empty air
We break the silence
and the light that leaves us blind
Dream the day away
Somehow the stars align

I fade away into the blue
I’m traveling next to you

If gravity
Would let us have our way
We’d fuse all night
across the Milky Way

But if i’m in the right time with the right mind
We could shoot the same gap and collide
Then we’d find that the spinning
Was just the bomb ticking
Let the fireball light up the sky

Since the big bang it’s the same thing
We sing and loop together
and we try to make it last forever
Our supernova will pull them in closer
A binary soul takes flight